Along with his general real estate experience and training, Garry is leaps and bounds ahead of most Winnipeg realtors on the condominium front because of the sheer volume of condominium sales over the years.

With condominiums, there is lot more to the transaction. A condo is not just a place to live, because you are buying into a corporation and you need to look into that corporation. You need to assess the viability of that corporation just like any other corporation. Beyond the aesthetics, what is the building going to cost me? Why is it going to cost me this much and what is the future outlook of the building?

You need to check documentation and understand the significance of what the documentation is saying. Is there a concern about pets? Interested in running a home-based business? You will at least need a grasp of strata bylaws and declarations to be able to negotiate this kind of real estate. Garry and the team have extensive experience exclusively in condominium sales and can help you make the best deal possible in the shortest time, with the least hassle. If this sounds like the kind of professional representation you want to handle your condominium sale or purchase, call Garry and the Hirsch Home Team at 204-489-4500 today!

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